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November 4, 2006

I am in the process of transferring over everything to the politicaldishonesty.com domain.  This is going to take a while and things will be in “under construction” mode at that site for a while.  This site should continue to work fine, just note that there will be a lot of problems with the actual domain site for a few days.

Hosting PD on a domain will give me a lot more options to serve you.  Thank you for your patience.


It’s Friday!

November 3, 2006

Before we move on to the Friday Cartoons, I thought I’d give you this one tidbit of information.  A poll taken in Britain found that 75% of Brits believe George Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-Il.  In a poll made up by me, I found that 75% of Brits are clinically delusional.



November 2, 2006

I just wanted to thank our service men and women for taking the time to respond to John Kerry in the most perfect way…

Now for today’s dishonesty. If you don’t believe the media is liberally biased, please pay close attention. The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal–what do they have in common? None of them felt like it was necessary to report John Kerry’s “botched joke” as important news. None of the papers had this on their front page. Why would this be? It is simple really, if you are these newspapers, stories don’t make the front page unless they are bad for the Bush administration. If a story is good for Bush, it gets buried.

Some of you might say – there was something more important for the front page. In response to that I offer; was it less important than everything on pages 2-8 as the Wall Street Journal felt? Or 2-17 as the NY Times felt? That’s right. Page 18 of the NY Times.

On top of that bias, The CMPA has now released its study of network news coverage for the midterm election. The study indicates that on ABC, CBS and NBC, three out of four evaluations of Democrat candidates in the midterm election have been positive, while only one out of eight stories about Republicans have been positive.

And if that isn’t enough proof, the Media Research Center surely has enough to push you over the edge:

Liberal Bias…

The fact that the media is liberally biased is proven on a daily basis. If you ignore it, you are doing yourself a disservice.


Al Sharpton’s Dishonest Opinion

November 1, 2006

Reverend Sharpton criticized the republicans, who he calls the “Christian right,” yesterday for talking about abortion and same-sex marriages too much in their political discussions.

Mr. Sharpton goes on to say that blacks should be talking about poverty, equal education, and other “social justices,” whatever that means. Basically, he thinks everyone should still be talking about racism. Well Mr. Sharpton, you can think whatever you’d like, but why do you need a comedian or some Hollywood drug addict with you every time you make a statement? Yesterday’s water boy was Dick Gregory, by the way.

Anyway, Sharpton goes on to condemn the new voter ID law in Indiana that requires people to present a valid form of identification before voting. This criticism is fundamentally dishonest and cloaked behind a smoke a mirrors argument that the law steps on individual freedoms. In reality, there is no right to vote in the United States; though there are specifications for how you can and can’t limit voting. Mr. Sharpton refers to the new law as a “poll tax, or other barriers to voting blacks have faced.” The last time I checked, this bill didn’t advocate collecting any money. The last time I checked, it was just as easy for blacks to get an ID as it is for whites–hell, illegal immigrants have them, social security number and all.

See, preventing people who are not citizens from voting harms the democrats because they rely on a heavy illegal alien vote, among other things such as people voting twice, dead people voting, and people voting in more than one state. Asking for identification before allowing someone to vote violates nothing.

I’d also like to share with you that Sharpton is wondering why black high school kids aren’t graduating. He starts off by blaming the economy (blaming a booming economy for poverty and black failures kinda takes away some of your credit doesn’t it?), but in all fairness he does a great job of actually pinpointing one of the real reasons; the “breakdown of family and morality.” Good job Mr. Sharpton; and you said it without adding a racial slur. Bonus points.

In reality however, before you begin to charge the families with the crime of black kids not graduating, try looking at the system all-together. White kids are graduating, but a lot of them can’t read. They can’t do math without a NASA grade calculator bigger than some of today’s personal computers, they have no life skills, they can’t balance a checkbook, and they’re getting dumber. This isn’t a black vs. white problem, this is a government education problem. The real reason for the failures is the fact that the government runs education. If Mr. Sharpton were an honest democrat he would actually advocate shrinking the governments duties of educating the public, support vouchers, and campaign for privatization. If schools saw kids as clients instead of brats they have to babysit, black kids and white kids would be graduating; and they’d actually be able to read their diploma. But government and shrinking can’t go in the same sentence when a democrat is speaking. To me, it is obvious that Mr. Sharpton doesn’t really want to solve the problem, he’d rather just bank off of it like he does on most issues.

And of course the dishonest ACLU has rushed to his side and challenged the law. Didn’t see that coming.


Kerry Defames Military

November 1, 2006

I will let John Kerry speak for himself on this one. All you have to do is watch as he insults our troops fighting in Iraq. So much for the democrats “supporting” our troops.

I wonder if we’ll hear anything about this in the mainstream media?

Kerry now says that he was taken out of context by Republican hacks. He goes on to say that the people that really need to apologize are Bush and his administration. Mr. Kerry, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Update: Kerry now says that it was a botched joke about President Bush and that he didn’t mean anything in relation to the actual troops. Yeah. Right.

Update: Kerry now says that he was supposed to say “…you get US stuck in Iraq” but accidentally left “us” out. Yeah. Right.

Update: Kerry now says…

Update: Kerry now says…

See the pattern?


Hanna-Barbara Streisand Hit at Concert

I just want to take a moment of my time to condemn concert-goers of Mrs. Streisand who decided to throw objects at her after she made fun of President Bush. While her remarks are [always] disgusting, physically harming someone for their views is unacceptable and despicable. These people in question should be ashamed of themselves.


Wolf Shyster Interviews Lynn Cheney

October 31, 2006

The video:

George Bush needs to take a few lessons for Mrs. Cheney on how to talk to the media. This video further demonstrates the dishonesty of CNN and Wolf Shyster.

Especially watch for the dishonesty when Mrs. Cheney asks Mr. Shyster “what is CNN doing running terrorist’s tapes of terrorists shooting Americans.” He defends CNN’s dishonesty by being dishonest himself, saying “this is not terrorist propoganda.” Mrs. Cheney follows up by asking Mr. Shyster where CNN got the tape and Wolf changes the subject, dodging the question.

I can answer the question for Mr. Shyster; the video was obtained from terrorists in Iraq. A question Mr. Shyster should have easily been able to answer since Anderson Stooper blatantly says it at the beginning of the tape. However, CNN now says they don’t know where they got the tape or even if it is real. Wow?

The other good part of this video happens when Mrs. Cheney schools Mr. Shyster on the good points of the economy and he takes on the classic liberal “brooke trout” facial expression.

If you are curious as to what terrorist video they are talking about, you can view the video here:

Standard dishonesty, blatantly and brilliantly uncovered by Mrs. Cheney; something George Bush can’t seem to accomplish when he’s in front of the microphones. By the way, there is nothing newsworthy about this terrorist video, even though CNN uses that as a reason to display it. Funny how they complain about October being the worst month for troop casualties while at the same time airing terrorist propaganda films.

Actually, it’s not very funny at all CNN.

By the way, if you aren’t quite sure what insurgent means, it’s politically correct for “Islamic terrorist.”


Democrat Webb of Hypocrisy

October 30, 2006

I’ll try not to mention the fact that this story comes right off the heels of democrats trying to politically execute Mark Foley for his page “scandal” even though he never broke the law; but it directly relates to the new controversy surrounding democrat Jim Webb.

Mr. Webb has written a few books. Many of the books include sexually explicit material. I don’t particularly care what the man talks about in any of his writings, but I do care about two things.

1. Blatant liberal hypocrisy.

2. Blatant Dishonesty on the part of Jim Webb.

Jim Webb, who aligns with the so-called “sensitive and pro-diversity” democrats uses a surprising amount of racial slurs in his books, and even refers to Vietnamese women as “monkey-faced.” In 2002, in a book titled “Lost Soldiers,” Webb writes about a man embracing his four year old son and inserting his son’s penis in his mouth.

Webb claims that the release of the excerpts of his books is a smear campaign driven by Karl Rove. Well yes Mr. Webb, your party targeted Foley and tried to character assassinate him, which your party was successful at, even though Mr. Foley never broke any laws. When you smear, you should expect to be smeared.

Now, Mr. Webb, the question remains; why do you want Foley indicted when you write about far worse things than he has done? He had sex with a male page who was of legal age. You write about four year olds putting their penis in their dad’s mouth. And you feel this is simply a smear campaign? Mr. Webb, you’d be lucky if that’s all this is.

Mr. Webb goes on to say that the description of the act of the four year old and his father is “not a sexual act.” Apparently he’s been taking lessons from democratic hero Bill Clinton.

More political dishonesty from Mr. Webb…

Webb says Republicans don’t have a comment to make on the most important issue facing this country; “this country’s been breaking into pieces economically.” Apparently he hasn’t been watching the stock market lately. Apparently he hasn’t been watching job growth, home sales, or the unemployment rate. Apparently he hasn’t been properly educated in analyzing the economy.
And to say that our economy is the most important issue facing this country is quite laughable.

Not to mention his statement….
“Our government should no longer be in the hands of a group of unprincipled, small-minded, power-hungry character assassins.”

Hmm…this is exactly why I say NOT ONE liberal should have a job in Washington. Unprincipled. Small-minded. Power-hungry. Character-assassins. Those four descriptions are DEAD ON for a party who has spent the last 6 years lying, cheating, and attacking George Bush. This statement is just another example of Democrat’s selective memory and sheer mindlessness.

Please Mr. Webb, quit while you aren’t too far behind.